Salisbury Fire software presentation?

For those of you who use Matt Salisbury’s TRA program for radiation analysis may be aware that he has recently released a new program called Fire. Salisburyfire Ltd | Software
I was invited to sit in on a presentation on the new features the other day as part of a presentation to some Australian users.

This replaces TRA and includes it in the new program, along with evacuation modelling, heat transfer, tenability and some other features. The probabilistic module hasn’t been finished yet. It has a lot of improvements such as data importing, including backgrounds to help developing the models.

Would anyone here be interested in an online presentation on the program by the author ? It is around 1.5 hours or so. Matt is in the UK, so it would be after hours. He has offered to do it on Teams or Zoom , if we can get enough people interested

I’d be keen, big fan!

4 Fire Engineers from NDY keen.

I would be keen to sit in.

We would be keen, too. Using the TRA calculations fairly regularly.
Marlis Haertel

Two engineers from TMCo NZ please.