Eurocode 3 assistance

Has anyone here ever tried/successfully used Eurocode 3 to assess structural steel strength (in the temperature domain), who would be open to a brief phone chat? Possibly leading to a subcontract and/or mentoring role?

Many thanks in advance.

I’ve developed a workbook that works through Part 1-2: General rules — Structural
fire design of Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures, but I have yet to try it out for a real project.

This work book calculates the suitability of steel members exposed to fire using the Eurocode method.
The fires used are the ISO 834 parametric fire and the modified ISO parametric fire.
Sections are analysed for either 3 sides or 4 sides exposed to the fire.

The fire steel is considered to be inside a firecell with ventilation and a user defined occupancy.
The fire load is derived from standard FLED for the occupancy.

The firecell is lined with up to 2 layers of materials and their thermal inertia is calculated.

The fire undergoes a heating and a decay phase. The geometric and fuel parameters required for the heating and cooling curves in the modified parametric fire curve are calculated and hence the gas temperatures in the compartment. Steel temperatures are then calculated for each time step.

Steel is protected and compared with the same unprotected member.

Results are displayed in graphs and also detailed calculations.

The workbook uses properties of steel sections extracted from manufacturer’s data and listed in the workbook. It also allows for sections to be custom built.

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