Antifreeze Solutions

Hi All
Antifreeze solutions are effectively prohibited from new sprinkler installations, unless a listed antifreeze is used, and the protected area does not exceed the relevant fire load. This means that all major cold stores have dry pipe sprinkler systems, or nothing. Dry pipe sprinkler systems have real constraints in regard to protected area per valve set, plus their reliability is substantially lower than wet pipe sprinklers.
In conjunction with an industrial chemist, some years ago I started work on developing an antifreeze solution with following characteristics:

Non combustible (actually better than plain water)
Comparatively cheap
Compliant with ANSI 2901:2019
Acceptable viscosity
Acceptable pH
Compatible with a range of metals, polymerics and organic coatings
Resistant to leakage

To date, the developed design phase is complete, with detailed testing in compliance with ANSI 2901 to be undertaken.
I have basically lost interest in the project, but if anybody is interested I would be happy to hand it over to them. To date I have expended ~ $100K, but I am not looking to recoup my outlay. Note that the solution is not a drop in replacement for existing antifreeze solutions, as the jointing quality of many legacy wet pipe antifreeze systems may not be acceptable. The company exists (Antifreeze Solutions Ltd), the domain names exist (3 of) and a tonne of the base material exists. Anybody interested?
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