What happened to the "Commentary" on the Acceptable Solutions

I realise that the Commentary document was out of date for the new C/AS2 but did expect it to be available online until MBIE caught up.
There is no reference to it nor any advice on when the new one will be available and it’s nearly a year now since C/AS2 has been the official version to use.

The new C/AS2 has a number of places where clarification is required, for example, C/AS7 had a comment below 4.1.1 allowing:

A car parking building may be one firecell extending from below the level of the final exit to any number of floors above, with each floor (except the lowest) being an intermediate floor.

This has been removed from the new C/AS2, so does the designer now need to justify this philosophy and demonstrate compliance, as they would if using C/VM2?

I’d like to hear what the community thinks.