Webinar on the Conditions of Contract Consultancy Services CCCS

Hi All,

A reminder about this Wednesday’s webinar on the CCCS. Note that you need to register with Engineering NZ to get the link for the webinar. This is a free Engineering New Zealand Webinar for SFPE members.

Below is the email sent out by Martin Feeney our Secretary on the webinar which includes the registration link.

Hi all,

SFPE NZ has negotiated with Engineering New Zealand to offer a free webinar exclusively for SFPE members and friends of the Chapter. The subject is the CCCS (Conditions of Contract for Consultancy Services).

Unlike other SFPE webinars people wanting to watch the webinar will need to register via Engineering New Zealand at the link below:

Webinar registration link


Wednesday 1st May, 12 noon to 1.15pm

Description :

An overview of the revised CCCS agreement, which regulates the relationship between the consultant engineer and their client. If you, or your firm are being appointed as a consultant, it is important that you understand the terms of your appointment.

The CCCS is an agreement that regulates the relationship between the client, and the consultant engineer. At the end of 2017, a revised, 4th edition of this contract was published. This webinar gives an overview of the contract, the new provisions and some key clauses that regulate liability.

Learning outcomes:

Delegates who attend this webinar will gain an understanding of:

  • how the 4th edition CCCS differs from earlier editions.
  • how the Construction Contracts Act impacts on the relationship between client and consultant.
  • the key obligations of the client and of the consultant.
  • how liability can be limited under the contract.
  • the payment provisions under the contract, and how the Construction Contracts Act impacts on these.
  • how disputes between client and consultant are resolved.

Intended audience:

This course will be of interest to all engineers, and in particular anyone who acts as a consultant engineer or whose firm assumes that role.

Presenter information:

Dr Giovanna Fenster

Dr Giovanna Fenster studied law in South Africa and has, for over two decades, been training, advising and consulting to the construction and engineering industries. Her workshops are lively, hands-on, and practical.


Martin Feeney
Secretary, SFPE NZ Chapter