UPS backed rapid roller doors

Roller doors are not usually allowed on escape routes, except for e.g., rubbish rooms where the doors to be open to use the room.
What is the opinion on rapid roller doors with a UPS backup that fails open on power loss on an escape route. These are commonly used in refrigerated spaces or food processing areas and open and close very quickly to limit the cold air escaping from the room and open automatically as the forklift approaches.
They seem similar to a standard auto sliding door, but am I missing something?
It would need to be on the compliance schedule in the same manner as an auto sliding door.

Hi Geoff
One major difference is that some RR doors can literally be kicked out, and some (for CA rooms) have an escape hatch. RR doors have a very large (but short duration) power demand, which many UPS systems cannot cope with. In my experience, all RR doors are normally backed up with an insulated sliding door for overnight use, as RR doors normally do not have an insulation component. A personnel escape door should always be associated with RR doors and sliding doors, as the effort required to open a sliding insulated fork lift access door exceeds the maximum requirement.