'Top fire resistant plywood used in various buildings found to be flammable'

Headline from Stuff.co.nz referring to Decortech Firesafe Radiata Plywood…


Just for the record as my name is quoted in this article…

I have nothing to do with Decortech or any competitor or anything to do with this issue other than one phone call out of the blue by a reporter a few weeks ago. I understand the reporter may have got my name from an architect.

I knew nothing of this issue beforehand and he told me it may not be an issue and he was still investigating. He told me it may turn into nothing, I was expecting to be told if it was an issue and if there would be a report made however I wasn’t.

I did try and explain to the reporter the difference between a fire rating and surface finishes and a Group Number and did say that some of our projects have used Decortech. I have seen another write up state that I have specified Decortech which is incorrect.

Immediately after the phone call with the reporter I called Michael James to let him know about the phone call.

Thats all for now folks.


It looks like a standard dramatisation by a journalist. They have tried to give a certain perspective and make it appear that there is a problem that no one wants to talk about.

Many years ago I had one MP that would contact me when dramatic articles were published to see if there was a real issue or not. That’s how trustworthy the media is.