Solid Fuel Cookers

Good morning. Would a kitchen in a commercial (restaurant) solid fuel (wood) cooker be classified as a “space within a building containing incinerator plant, boiler of machinery that uses solid fuel …as the energy source”?

Hi Tim
I think that you may be overthinking here. This is not “plant” or “incinerator” or arguably “Machinery”
I think that relates, historically, to heat or power generation for commercial premises, such as heavy oil burners, gas burners or powered machinery for generation, causing a specific risk to the adjacent spaces. The AS has always dumped these into a separate fire cell, and quite logically really.
Seems that you are talking about a cooker, or pizza oven etc…these are not covered in what he AS requires otherwise buildings would start to look very peculiar. Gas hobs, open fires and wood burners would need to be in a separate firecell…

Thanks Alan, yes overthinking is a particular trait of mine.
Really appreciate the response.