Qualifications of Installers

Section 109 of NZS 4512:2010 requires fire alarm system installers to have a NZQA National Certificate in Fire Detection and Alarms (Level 4) in order to issue a Certificate of Completion. Or have equivalent qualifications. I have become aware of some companies not having any personnel qualified to this level. Presumably that would preclude them from completing such work. Yet they are, and they are also (presumably) having their installations signed off by an accredited inspection body. Is this a common issue? And who is the overall governing body to take any concern too? Thanks.

Hi Tim

For alarms, it comes down to the BCA as the ultimate approvals body. There is no Alarm Systems Certifer, to,parallel NZS4541 Sprinklers.

You may wish to contact Jason Godsmark, who chairs the FPA Inspection Bodies SIG for feedback however. I don’t think he is on this forum.

09 487 1072 or Jason.Godsmark@aon.com

You can go to the 4512 Interpretations Committee if you see that it is a misinterpretation of the clause.

Thank you both for that, much appreciated.