PS1 for Acceptable Solution Designs

I wanted to get an insight from the industry with regards to the requirement for a PS1 for an Acceptable Solutions Design.
My understanding is that the Acceptable Solutions is designed to be used by most designers, architects and BCO’s.

If the Council is now requiring a PS1 for an Acceptable Solutions design then it means that the design needs to be signed off by a Chartered Engineer which may be disadvantageous to engineers and designers who may not be able to sign a PS1.


This is interesting Deep. The fact that the design is an acceptable solution should mean no PS1. Also given that PS has no status in Law, nor does the fire service checklist (outside the requirements of the Act) and that the PN22 is a voluntary (and outdated) guideline I am shocked that you are being asked to provide this sort of stuff.

You should resist, based on liability if nothing else. The council cannot ask for these things as they are more than required by the Building Act.

Have you read the forum post by Gillian with the Kensington Swan legal opinion? if not email me ( and I will forward you a copy for your files. It would be good to see who is asking for this as it places the CPEng in a most disadvantageous position.



Hi Deep
I’ve also been asked, I refused for a C/ASx design and told them it wasn’t required, the BCA didn’t ask again!


If this is a house/small apartment design then it is likely to have to be done by an LBP, and a CPEng is a de-facto LBP, so your PS1 would be confirmation of that