NZ Herald Article- residential car stacker

Residential Car Stacker

I am not looking to make an issue of this - just interested in others view point & how the general consensus may address this in carrying out a standard acceptable solution design.
Considering the article has “piqued” the interest of many, we may be seeeing alot more car stackers utilised in residential dwellings.

Therefore, this now begs a few questions:

  • Do we need to consider the residential garage under C/AS7 ?
  • Will the residence have to be upgraded with interconnected smoke detection to allow the use of supplemental heat detection in the garage ?
  • Do we need to fire separate the garage from the dwelling ?
  • Would residential sprinklers be sufficient for gargae cover only ?
  • or is this all just left to be C/AS1 design ?

I am sure others may have additional questions & hope this does not open a can of worms.

Using residential sprinklers over a car stacker is significantly outside their intended use and testing program.

Dare I say, if it goes wrong, the lawyers will be asking their technical advisors some interesting questions.


Chris Mak