New C/AS2 - when will we receive it?

Does anybody know when we might receive the new C/AS2?

I read that its going to be effective from the 27th June 2019. However it would be helpful if we received a copy of it in a decent period of time before it becomes effective…


I got the impression that MBIE would release it that day, and allow an unreasonably short 3 month phase in to create maximum disruption to as many building consents as possible. I believe I did suggest a 12 month phase in, but whatever.

There isn’t much that has changed, with exception of some minor fixes that were suggested during public consultation (which were never a part of the working group process). MBIE should be commended for only taking 5 years to carry out the word processing task of combining C/AS2 - C/AS7 into one document.

Wish they had names it C/AS8 or something else, now it will be confusing when I refer to C/AS2 (old) and C/AS2 (New) :thinking:

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It really can’t be C/AS2 as it is not a revision of C/AS2 and is not a reprint of C/AS2 either. I like the idea of C/AS8 but we as users are mere mortals and it is probably all printed by now.

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Far too simple John, why would they want to do that eh!

Hi All,

Does anybody know if there is any plan to issue a Commentary for the new C/AS2 too?

A Commentary seems essential as all the comments on C/AS 2-7 (e.g. on Notional Boundary definition, on Clause 3.11.1 or 3.11.2 and etc) have been removed in the new C/AS2. So, can we use the old comments?


technically you can use anything to demonstrate compliance, as it is compliance to the Code and not the Acceptable Solution that the Act requires.