Legal Advice - Construction observation & other issues

(Alan Moule) #21

Just to add to the overall mix of requests for documents not required by the Building Act (and therefore not required for compliance) a recent FENZ memo and a BCA have asked for the FFFC to be completed and returned…FFFC is NOT required - this has been clarified previously by MBIE and the Act, is again very clear…

I have asked Mike to add this to the list that SFPE are working on via Tony Parkes following the previous legal advice.

(Alan Moule) #22

Hi All,

I have been sent a letter from MBIE that confirms our legal opinion that the PS4 is voluntary, construction monitoring is voluntary, FEB is not required (outside of the VM2 design) and liability rests (in MBIEs view) with the individual fire engineer. I am waiting for a reply from MBIE to my response to their letter.

We are obviously very pleased that MBIE have agreed with the legal opinion we provided.