Initial Foam discharge - Shielded Fires

(Graham John Wyatt) #1

We are designing a sprinkler system for a boat building shed. 18m high. I have selected OH3s which results in a flow rate of just under 5000 l/min and now find there is insufficient water without tanks - (providing water storage has its own set of difficulties). I have looked at NFPA 303 & 307 and the FM datasheets and tried to find an alternative protection method than wet pipe sprinkler

I know NFPA 851 allows selection on initial foam discharge for sprinkler design to turbine / oil areas in power stations and the discharge density is about half that of straight water - but that is for oil and not shielded fires

wondered if anyone has had experience along this line

(Paul Clements) #2

Hi Graham
Dick Gillespie may be able to help you. Ph 021 087 19522
Paul C