Indoor Cricket Nets

I assume that indoor cricket nets should be expected to achieve the same flammability index requirements of a suspended flexible fabric?

I would expect the nets will have to meet the requirements for hanging fabrics.
The other thing to watch is the flooring. The standard artificial turf flooring doesn’t meet the CRF flooring limits. Plain TIgerTurf is 1.7 kW/m2 and needs a heavy loading of sand to pass and this has practical issues with cricket balls at speed, or even use indoors, with it tracking through the building. There is also a compliance issue of making sure it is applied, and also then maintained at the correct rate.
A similar issue I have come across applies to gymnasium rubber mats. There are some that comply but you have to dig for the info, and there are some that are either not tested to the ISO standard or fail.

Thanks Geoff. Confirmation. I have turf results of 2.4 kW/m2 CHF (same as CRF?) when the turf is fixed to 6mm fibre cement board. That means they will have to use 6mm fibre cement board on the concrete floor in order to use the test result I assume?

As both are non combustible, I wouldn’t expect expect fibre cement vs concrete to make a difference. Over timber, chipboard or a carpet underlay certainly may make a difference.
Strictly speaking for the pedantic, fibre cement isn’t non combustible, based on the Australian standard test of “stick it in a red hot furnace and nothing is allowed to happen for 15 minutes”. Since the end of the good old days of asbestos, it has wood fibre in it to help hold the board together. This burns off with a puff and then nothing happens. A test I have in front of me for a fibre cement cladding board has an peak heat release rate of 5.6 kW/m2 and total heat released of 2.5MJ. As I recall, and I cannot find the test in my files easily, this is similar to a steel sheet with several coats of paint. Near enough to non combustible for practical purposes.

It seems that AS1530 flammability test results for indoor cricket nets are challenging to source. Does anyone have any experience of this?