Forum Notifications Testing

Topic to test notifications

Test reply to topic creator

Checking notifications again

Yep, getting the notifications. Keep them coming!

Thijs Drupsteen

Yes received a notifocation

I’m a member but can’t seem to get past just viewing and replying.
I don’t get notifications and I can’t post a new topic.
I’ve emailed the secretary with no response, now the webmaster and this avenue, hoping to get help.

I used to get notifications, and I then got kicked out of the system and had to log back in, despite not knowing that the system had licked me out. Not sure what is going on with the forum…I can get back in now, but still no notifications.

I was getting notifications but it was under my “Anthony” registration which uses a different email and I hadn’t looked in that inbox.
Still, even under Trust Level 0 (the first level) I should be able to post up to 3 new topics but I can’t and I have Basic badge which says I’m granted all essential community functions.

The webmaster has not replied to my email.
Like you, I don’t know what’s going on with this forum. It seems no one is managing it to respond to issues.
I have a pressing need to ask the community a question on passive fire with regard to riser shafts considered as other property.
If anyone is willing to discuss and post for me, I will appreciate it.