FENZ Act S.73 Water Supplies

Has anybody heard of any movement by FENZ in regard to their statutory requirement to consult on and produce a successor to PAS 4509? If we (as a client advisory group) don’t stand up and comment, I can see an awful lot of money to be made out of installing 2000m3 tanks on every industrial site that FENZ considers has inadequate water supplies.
Comments please.

Given that PAS 4509 has performed poorly I’m not sure why anyone would want to continue using it. It doesn’t provide water where it’s needed, and it really should be an infrastructure matter between FENZ and the local councils.

There should be a strategy for providing fire fighting water in rural areas rather than using a ineffective standard.

Hi Kenneth
The problem is not in regard to PAS 4509, the problem is that S.73 of the FENZ Act gives FENZ the right to produce any water supply policy they want, so long as they consult with all interested parties. Note that whatever is promulgated by FENZ will become mandatory under the FENZ Act, therefore our clients need to have a champion (SFPE) to ensure that a balanced document is produced. It is all very well to say that a warehouse needs 2000m3 of stored water for fire fighting purposes, but the fact that FENZ will not enter a high bay racked warehouse to fight a fire needs to be included in the considerations.
Paul C

simply not required under the Building Act Paul. NZFS went the back door and got this into some district plans. Kaipara kicked it out recently.