FENZ Act S.73 Water Supplies Update

Hi All
Via an OIA request, I have received a letter from FENZ on the current status of S.73 of the Act. If anyone would like a copy of the letter, please email me.
The letter has a number of interesting statements as follows:
FENZ will choose if they will review PAS 4509, and when.
Development work on a new code of practice has not commenced.
Timeframe to develop the code of practice is unknown.
Makeup of the development committee is unknown at this point in time.
The new code of practice will be a :“disallowable instrument” and I am still trying to understand whether that means it has any legal standing or not.
FENZ will determine whether the new code of practice is mandatory or not during the development process.

Bottom line, no work has been undertaken to date, FENZ will determine if/when work does commence, and the level of enforceability (if there is such a word) is currently unknown. The impact upon industry could be huge, as currently FW7 generally requires a small lake to comply.