Design Guide for fire safety: Residential and community housing

This topic is for the discussion of the MBIE consultation document on Residential and community housing. Below is a copy of the email sent out by the secretary. Note consultation closes 11 September 2017.

Hi all,

MBIE is seeking your feedback through formal consultation on a proposed Design Guide for Fire Safety: Residential Community Housing. The consultation will run from 17 July to 11 September 2017.

The proposed Design Guide was developed following stakeholder feedback on the 2012 edition of revised Acceptable Solution C/AS1-7. Stakeholders noted that the current Acceptable Solution C/AS3 provided a ‘one size fits all’ approach, without considering the differing levels of care and mobility of occupants in residential community housing and their ability to self-evacuate in the event of a fire. The stakeholders considered this to increase costs and reduce amenity value.

A categorisation method has been developed in the proposed Design Guide that takes into account the differing needs of occupants and each category has a gradual increase in the level of fire safety.

MBIE has received input from Community Housing Aotearoa, NZ Disability Support Network, Disabled Persons Assembly, Housing NZ, Ministry of Heath, Accessible Properties, the New Zealand Fire Service and building control officials to develop this proposed Design Guide.

The Draft guide is availalbe for download from teh MBIE website, by following this link:


Martin Feeney
Secretary, SFPE NZ Chapter

Hi, I am sure that for the community housing is to included it needs a change tot the Act. From memory for some accommodation to be called anything other than SH there needs to be an order in council and signed off by the Governor General. I am reliant on some memory here…I agree it is a good move to do this but refer tot he previous court case between BIA/NZFS/IHC. that lead to an impasse and the “solution” was to keep the “old” AS1 silent and if you want to look, that is why the section on community care was left blank…

The AS can not ask for more than the Act requires, which is perhaps a salient point too…

good idea, but not sure that it is as simple as a new AS…

Hi Alan
It is intended as s175 document not AS and it is to the best of my knowledge intended that houses remain as houses still. As per the determination it is not a hostel and is not (gazetted) specialised accommodation.