Cottage Industries

Businees and sleeping spaces need to be fire-separated, but are there exceptions? I am thinking of a home hairdresser, maybe a beautician? is there a dividing line? My office is a room in my house should that technically be a separate firecell? This is a real question by the way. It must have come up before.

Hi Tim, A bit dated now but check out Auckland Council policy note AC2201, may be useful.

No, just checked, version 3 was released in March so not that dated at all!

The draft proposed changes to C/AS1 would have included the below within the definition of Risk Group SH:

Home-based business activities, (except as included within risk groups CA
and WB in Table including accountant, conveyancing, and/or
similar to a domestic living home-based business that is carried out in a
household unit by its permanent residents and that does not involve the
employment of persons other than those residents.

I believe these draft changes to C/AS1 have been withdrawn after the public consultation process so won’t be coming into effect in the short term.

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Interesting, thanks Jordan. I imagine that the definition was considered for inclusion due to some previous dispute or need for clarification.