Construction Monitoring - Passive Fire

Hi all

Please see below the following comment regarding the Fire and Smoke Stopping works from the Chairperson of FPANZ Passive Fire Special Interest Group…

A quick note on Construction Monitoring as I know your putting a big effort into this field at present & also the SFPE guidance document.

One thing that we are unfortunately seeing re-occurring in the passive fire market is the cross-breeding products (mix’n’match) or even using tested details from one supplier, but using products from another supplier.

One suggestion we would make to avoid this/safeguard yourselves doing Construction Monitoring is asking for proof of purchase from the installer. i.e if they can’t provide invoices for the correct product then it possibly points to non-compliant action.

Obviously packaging on-site is another give away if inspecting at the right time of the job. Unfortunately not all products can be visually seen these days.

Kind Regards,
Justin McEntyre
Chairperson - FPANZ Passive Fire Special Interest Group
027 522 4446