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C/AS2 Vehicle Parking

All this time and only just noticed in C/AS2 (amend 2) - Horizontal Safe Paths - Table 3.4, page 75.
Risk Group VP:
No system or Type 2
Dead End = 25 m
Total Open = 180 m
Type 3
Dead End = 45 m
Total Open = 110 m

Error ? - should the TOP for “No system OR Type 2” be 90 m or have I missed something somewhere?
how does a Type 3 have a Horiz Safe Path < than a no OR Type 2 Horiz Safe Path ???
even the first edition had the same values (180 m), but the workshop version was consistent with superseded C/AS1 (pre 2012) @ 90 m.
I note C/AS7 (2012-2019) referred to C/AS5 with a Horiz. Safe Path TOP of 180m - was this the original error?
Any clarification would be greatly appreciated - Saskia?