Access Controlled Doors

C/AS2 3.15.7 states that access control systems are not permitted on doors within exitways - does this include the situation where a tenant wishes to have a swipe-card entry from a safe path into the tenancy, and door release and emergency over-ride,switches within the tenancy? I know of many buildings where the in order to access the stairwell the door relaease must be activated. When would this clause apply?

It appears that if you are to comply with C/AS2 3.15.7 then your access from the tenancy into the safe path must have free access without resorting to any form of emergency override. There is nothing preventing you from having access control from the safe path into the tenancy. Just choose the right door hardware.

Thank you Robert. I can think of so many buildings that have door release panels on the tenancy side. I do understand the logic though. Thanks again.

I suspect you are right. Generally, access to safe paths is from a common area. Thinking about the rationale for this requirement - Thinking about the difference between allowing access control override on an open path but not allowing it for entry into and within a safe path seems to point to responsibilities of the tenant vs responsibilities of the building owner. Seems like a lame point. I’m struggling to see the difference between an occupants absolute right to get to a safe path vs an occupants right to get into or pass through a safe path.
It could be something as simple as occupants navigating their way through an access controlled environment are typically familiar with that environment. Whereas occupants accessing a safe path could be Joe (or Josephine) public. C/AS2 currently elects not to discriminate the situations.